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Inspirational Feature Vol. 21

Sun Jun 23, 2013, 3:30 AM by malaugusto:iconmalaugusto:

50 Exciting Examples of Action Photography

shaper of dreams. by Sea-of-Ice
The Birds by DarkCrissus

Pacu Jawi by dularif

Hong Kong Rush Hour by xMEGALOPOLISx
star trails and bmx by Kimbell

VW rigshot by GIIFOTO

destiny by Hengki24
Horse racing by ahmed-Alsheme

h e l l o world by A-jean

Shock Cone by Aventine-Images

Persistence by Lancia-Stratos
Kite Surf by plo0m

eagle by michaelrumiz

ghost ballerinas by MistyTableau
Dejame Vivir by JaimeIbarra

Black and white by Vikarus

Frecce Tricolori by Dynnnad
Powder your life away by iNeedChemicalX

Black Bow by jenniferstuber

detonation by fly10

snowboard 01 by thePetya
westminster bridge by toko

Sunset by Fredison

Devil's Chariot by eastonchang
SlowMotion by MaRaDinn

climbing by JenElizabeth

Red Arrows IV by toosas
fly away by kyokosphotos

The Jump by astra888

Running Wild by notbland

Siberian Tiger 2 by catman-suha
Illuminated Jellyfish by weaverglenn

r e b e l by mehmeturgut
Evolve by Deere

swamp 07 by straszak

290407 by ThierryHuchet
Duel by DianaCretu

Barrel Time by jbrum

FuryInTheSlaughterhouse by RaMiBru

MX1 GP Mallory Park ix by monosolo
Running roes by JMrocek

Must Be Married... by JustinBowen

I wanna by mizarek
Sunrise windsurfing by blindrider

HH-60G Pave Hawk by MilitaryPhotos

X by fogke
Intimidate by IsacGoulart

Over Easy by jerryhazard

happiness by 2jL

Inspirational Feature Vol. 20

Sun May 26, 2013, 5:18 AM by malaugusto:iconmalaugusto:

50 Delicious Examples of Food Photography

Candy canes by lieveheersbeestje
Tangerine candied fruit 1 by Morgaer

Cream Cheese Takoyaki by viennidemizerable

Viridity by Karisca
Chocolate cupcake. .. by light-from-Emirates

Strawberrys by spanjebob89

Chocolate Heaven by Korpinkynsi
t e a. by estellamestella

Cup of summer by Tamerlana

Hayyami Wine House I by UgurDoyduk
BANANA chocolate waffle by reiime

. Chocolate . by KimberleePhotography

Honey Garlic Chicken pizza by jeffzz111

Lemon Sorbet - II by Julyendiary
christmas baking V by topinka

Mojitos drink. by FrancoPetrini

Sweet Snack by naked-in-the-rain
s'mores by OcheerioO

Apricotknoedel by Z740

Saturday Morning II by sp1nderella
Flowery Pink Cupcakes by xXx--Kawaii--xXx

Monster Rice Rolls by Hazelnut8299

fries by peachjuice
Pudding by Xingz

I'm Sweet by xChristina27x

Tangerine  Dessert by theresahelmer
:: green pistachio by moiraproject

Apple Pie by Timosaby

lily tea by CuCat

Caramelized hazelnuts by kupenska
Pasta II by Bigpanther

aRcOBaLeNoZuCCheRoSo by BohemienStyle

Breakfast time by one-shot-below
Lemonade by LilyBrilliant

Mozzarella by DavidVogt

Strawberry Crepes by La-Vita-a-Bella

The Flavor of Life by faintsmile28
Tiramisu Waffle by adrielchrist

The Coffee Lover by ananasringer

foods foods... by SOOO
Bagels and Eggs Florentine by sasQuat-ch

Bitesize Pizza Baguette Fingers by claremanson

Pecan Caramel Slice by Foodtrip

Kiwi fantasy by ProjecTSymbiosiS10

50 Entree Fromage by RoselineLphoto

Tiramisu - Valentine's Day by p0piete

Inspirational Feature Vol. 19

Sun Apr 21, 2013, 1:17 AM by malaugusto:iconmalaugusto:

50 Gorgeous Examples of Sun Flare Photography

A Sweet Gold Friendship by Wnison

jaqueline by raineese
colours of autumn by julkusiowa

Sunkissed by Lady-Tori

Nature from below II by RobinHedberg
Gold dust by Michelle-Fennel

chromosomes by nikosalpha

Spiraaal Of enchanting silence by alexandre-deschaumes
flare by Muratkivrak

set the night on fire. by lifelikesuicide

Burning the sky by Cigognes

Gone with the wind. by incredi
distorted sun by lady-mon

Offering to the Sun by Nelleke

Odeon of Herodes Atticus by inObrAS
All In.. by Khomenko

Departure and Arrival by goRillA-iNK

mldy 69 by metindemiralay
test 99 and half by KariLiimatainen

The Power Of The Sun by oO-Rein-Oo

take a shower by handika10
The GIRLS have gone WILD by bittersweetvenom

Rophaien by TobiasRichter

Like a Bird by KayleighJune
Right here waiting for you by TwiggX

Over Easy by jerryhazard

Sheree - Betty Bangs Bikini by tmronin
I Wish by PatrickRuegheimer

climbing by JenElizabeth

Montreal2 by Ydelis
Hair by zemotion

SC-1081-opt by scaulier69

The heart of the city by Tamerlana
La fille de M.Choderlos by ennil

Baloncesto en samil by xoelinho

Sunny Beetle by KrisSimon

577897 by aleksandra88
I will follow you into dark by april182

Peer Over the Horizon by Jacob-Routzahn

El Tatio 5 by arnaudlegrand

Halcyon by iNeedChemicalX
T In The Park.... by Renza

snowboard 01 by thePetya

60 by MecuroBCotto

and there's a light on by zenibyfajnie
Rails' End 3 by krovakny

Rivoli sunset by fluosaure

Bloom day by Ophelia-Overdose

sun by werol

Inspirational Feature Vol. 18

Sun Mar 24, 2013, 3:32 AM by malaugusto:iconmalaugusto:

50 Captivating Examples of Bokeh Photography

pure magic by Megson
the city lights by vanerich

Life II by Nelleke

Sister Of Charity by MariannaInsomnia
Glued To My Hands by CainPascoe

ten feet off the ground by SabrinaCichy

Poppies by CasheeFoo

-exhibition 1- by tynaS

Drops in Bokeh by 89-RAW-89
procreation by werol by JeanFan

passers-by's hearts by leilaaaaah
White Night by MartinStranka

Wedding 5 by OkTaYBiNGoL

.tonight we have the stars. by kyokosphotos
Attempt At Flight by Lilyas

drops by LusPhotography

Magic by stardixa
water bubble. by magnesina

oo.oo.oo by zeenon

Jar of Hearts by iNeedChemicalX

What's it like there outside by esmahanozkan
Galaxy by imveryconfused

Prophecy II New Dreaming by Sortvind

Autumn Bokeh by snak

Sleep walking.. by SachaKalis

R a i n t o u c h e d by MarcoHeisler
Interstellar by x-a-e

Hanging Lights by HiImIan

This long silence by BetaAquilae
Morning Jewels by WojciechDziadosz

Pine Needles In The Snowfall by JoniNiemela

At evening 'Gdansk by b3dnar

Never say Never by Healzo
Mysterious Patterns by Ferox04

Liquid Gold by Sandy515

The Year of the Snake by LeafSmile

The Lathe of Heaven by PancolartJorge

the city bokeh by Affect-The-World

Dewy Arctium by duris

Highs and Lows by incolor16
New Age by BlackJack0919

Beautiful wishes. by incredi

Candles by IsacGoulart
glitter on feather. by simoendli

F0960 - Spiral by Lothringen

Inspirational Feature Vol. 17

Mon May 7, 2012, 9:51 AM by malaugusto:iconmalaugusto:

36 Striking Examples of Headshot Photography

with blind eyes by xMissTakewould you believe me by quadratigesc o l d p l a y by nilgunkarain all seriousness by marielliottMemoirs by Eman333The story of a hundred years by ennil:bigthumb138962328:JUSTICIA by ron-vargasI Never Knew You by FurtiveLungsNatural Violetta by Hart-WorxKaroline_001 by hellwomanGreen Eyes by SusanCoffeyWind's Melody by nilgunkarano way to say you need me by SabrinaCichyDon't Speak.. by TheTragicTruth-Of-Meanna by memelsteakcinnamon candy by bailey--elizabethWinter child by WildRainOfIceAndFire
baby blue eyes by meyrembulucekThe moment after... by zemotiontinker 3 by CLAIREPROBAlexandra by NerySouldead man's wife. by error-Faustine II... by ChristineAmatstill light by EliaraLa realite est lente. by BenoitPailleA young stranger.  Gaya 7 by BenoitPailleYuuki by hakanphotographypeachskin. by Pretty-As-A-PictureStranger 77 by dannystPreserve your memories by iNeedChemicalXfaint. by Senju-HiMeeverything is twisted by StefanBeutlerblue birds. by CaitlinWorthingtonThat little Ugly Fairie by ValentinaKalliasHologram by meriirem

Inspirational Feature Vol. 16

Mon Apr 30, 2012, 10:20 AM by malaugusto:iconmalaugusto:

18 Mind-Blowing Examples of Colorful Macro Photography

Slurpp.. by hirzaHappiness by fruitpunch1I miss the summer by HealzoThe Crown by onixaFire and Flames by HealzoPurteadro by KaleidoKittlesLuster by KariscaLadybug by GosiaVeil by RaBBiTKa
my moment by mohdfikree:: Peacock :: by light-from-EmiratesAqua by illusionalitySweet Misery by HealzoAmazon Rainbow by cycozeit's time to say goodbye. .. by light-from-EmiratesLet the pictures do the talkig by BlueColoursOfNatureQueen of all Frogs by erezmaromautumn jewels by Orwald

Inspirational Feature Vol. 15

Sat Apr 21, 2012, 9:29 AM by malaugusto:iconmalaugusto:

18 Astounding Examples of Silhouette Photography

Marcuria by larafairiePC by sublogicalice by wrednaFollow the light by ManicBerrydestiny by Hengki24Deer at Sunset by slatkatajnaHospitale by FeebrileThe fountain. by DrooperStreet Survivors by gilad
birth by HenriqueFrazaoenough by werolthe dunsfold Wingwalker. by RowennaCoxFutebol de Praia by IsacGoulartHotAir Balloon by EmilieDurandYear Zero 01 by ximena07climbing by JenElizabethFreedom::: by Madhorse5Rain Dance 03 by fbuk

Inspirational Feature Vol. 14

Sun Sep 18, 2011, 1:03 PM by malaugusto:iconmalaugusto:

18 Remarkable Examples of Butterfly Photography

Irreplaceable by Lady-ToriFriends by WindyLifeButterflies and Fairytales by FriendFrogSistine Light by CalluCethosia cyane I by log1t3chFuture Nature by UgurDoyduk.: Evening Sonnet :. by hellfirediva
Beautifly by KitKatQT100Argus copulation by MartinAmmLittle Creatures 041 by Frank-BeerParnassius apollo by MartinAmmDelicate Transparency by Kezzi-RoseHopewalls by iNeedChemicalXRosy Butterfly by secondclawSitting Pretty by InLightImagery

Inspirational Feature Vol. 13

Sun Aug 28, 2011, 12:26 PM by malaugusto:iconmalaugusto:

18 Jaw-Dropping Examples of Seascape Photography

Dry Camera by CainPascoe:bigthumb37982934:Never by acukurSky from fire by Philippe-AlbanelBay of Spears by hougaardBetween The Rocks by RykardoSunday Morning by InnerComa124 sn by sakaogluThe Ocean's Pull by prperold
Chromatic Nature by MohainEarth Musings by Inebriantiano way home III. by arbebukCurly Smash by timbodon:bigthumb90561416:Kokubo Sosho Battle by werolGreen by AndyMumfordNature's Bathtub by erezmaromwatercollide by puffinpunk

Inspirational Feature Vol. 12

Mon Aug 22, 2011, 11:36 AM by malaugusto:iconmalaugusto:

18 Enchanting Examples of Spiral Staircase Photography

Crazy Nine by NightlineStanding at the top by WojciechDziadoszThe Onion by rauny h by gnatorOt4tiOn by genrFollow me upwards by zuckerblauDowngrade by Nightlineb life down by gnatoBlue Stairs by Initio
Forever Lost by bosniakdouble helix by raunThe Great Escape by paikan07Sliding Down by Nightlinenine by herbstkindthe inevitable by mythridvortex by ladyrapidThe swirl by gluteusmaximusWhite Staircase by zuckerblau

Inspirational Feature Vol. 11

Wed Aug 3, 2011, 2:23 PM by malaugusto:iconmalaugusto:

16 High Energy Examples of Concert Photography

Behemoth II by HenriKackalexisonfire by martybellLorin Maazel by grebillePapa Roach IV by AwarnachThe Haunted I by HenriKack70 091C by willkoOneLove 2010 02 UFO by mr-kreciuLight and rock by Ciril
HURTS LIVE, Theo Hutchraft by JasperGromSabaton III by HenriKackDom Cudow by LoneWolfREVlonely guitar by CaroFiresoulJuan Atkins's hand by grebilleHPO - 05 by musicandmotionOrnette Coleman by grebillerockstar. by Heleneee

Inspirational Feature Vol. 10

Wed Jul 27, 2011, 3:21 PM by malaugusto:iconmalaugusto:

Miniature or Reality? 12 Examples of Tilt Shift Photography

New York Miniature by ultraphilMalta Tilt Shift by UbhejaneTilt-Shift New York by Lagnar2010Tragedy Tilt Shift by kalnobetilt shift by ElayezMiniature - 3 by BenHeine
Miniature Monsal by Lazlowoodbine2010vegas tilt shift by jeffreyhingAnkara Fake Tilt-Shift by cheyrekTilt Shift by mtheis1987tilt shift rush hour by alexciPaulskirche Tilt Shift by aschmitt

Inspirational Feature Vol. 9

Mon Jul 25, 2011, 2:32 PM by malaugusto:iconmalaugusto:

22 Amazing Examples of Rain Photography

Paris is Paris by SebastienTabuteaudRain with Love by widjita'09 by dechobekaromatic rain by utopic-manWhen the plant meets the rain. by incrediRain Dance 03 by fbukRaindrops square by DragonOfLustthe Rain 1 by yvRainy Morning by DemonMathielemerald beach by OrwaldI'm with you by archlover
: my umbrella : by hellfiredivastanding in the rain by tokopure magic by MegsonRain Lights by KateeyXVIII by ambrosia3b-rain by nikosalphaRainy Flowers by DemonMathielNature wakes up by KariLiimatainenrainy days by anjelicek Paris III: La Pluie by sensorfleckU N D E R W A T E R by Healzo

Inspirational Feature Vol. 8

Sat Jul 23, 2011, 10:11 AM by malaugusto:iconmalaugusto:

23 Magical Examples of Tree Photography

'That Tree' by kharashovThe forest for the trees by Alex37somewhere only we know by islandtimeTREE by tomsumartinTref by jotakidTree by io3i will be great by EbruSidarSokolica by RaVeN-82The Dark Tree of Dreams by La-Vita-a-BellaWinter morning by leenik
Piece of My Heart by mebiliaHeartland: Rowan by ageoflossbreak down by detail24Tree hell by eyesweb1wooden stair by leenikTree Of Light by lowapproachArbor ... by julie-rcfreedom with you by EbruSidarVertigo by Al-BaumPink Tree infrared... by MichiLaukeThe tree - IR photo III by rott-manAlways Here by Andrea-Reyes

Inspirational Feature Vol. 7

Tue Jul 19, 2011, 4:48 PM by malaugusto:iconmalaugusto:

22 Eye-Catching Examples of Group Photography

Slumber Party by girltrippedsummer in the middle of winter by saturdayxthe seasons. by M0THart4 Kids by greataninDark Carnival by girltrippedMoving ahead in Red by giladThe Tea After Party by BlackMageAlodiaStreet Fight by josepaoloGundam Wing ::03 by CvySun on ice by AniMal-eBizzare Love Triangle by hamkahatta
Morning Study by yuniarkoFortuna by Rincewind2106No title 32 by ESafianninalarsen03 by ninazdesignthe look by PatrickWallycrows by Pretty-As-A-PictureConfucius Festival by WindyLifeThe Midnight Game. by zemotion178 - The front row by AusRock87w_ by gnatoEureka by hersley

Inspirational Feature Vol. 6

Fri Jul 15, 2011, 7:13 AM by malaugusto:iconmalaugusto:

29 Staggering Examples of Long Exposure Photography

Forever Dreaming by MarcAdamus- U - by PhilipMatthewsdjinn by optimistBrussels by Night by BenHeineway through the woods by arbebuk'That Tree' by kharashovCelebration of Lights by tt83x:bigthumb73330268::bigthumb127755051:lunatic soul by werolPraia da Ursa by TobiasRichterFirestarter by GVAMoonrise Delight by DrewHopperPark Fountain by Linkineos
Endless Possibility by Thomas-KoidhisUAE 39th National Day - 08 by kiranQureshiThe Eternal Fence II by hougaardM3 Motorway Traffic Trails - 4 by fruitycubeShagpile symmetry by GregArpsA Night To Remember by uberfischerFireworks by chalee-80the speed of light by foureyesIgnite. by almillerResting After Storm by soulofautumn87On The Turning Away by acukurSixty Seven by DrewHopperAutumn Interlude by justelineStardust by alexiuss

Inspirational Feature Vol. 5

Wed Jul 13, 2011, 6:53 PM by malaugusto:iconmalaugusto:

18 Fanciful Examples of Bridge Photography

Malyi Kamenny Bridge Moscow by inObrASSkye Bridge by sensorfleckIstanbul View from the Bridge by FCGalatasaray:bigthumb144397911::bigthumb168274163:On the Bridge by deathly-stillnessValentine bridge by AngiWallaceSunset at blue wonder bridge by Torsten-HufskyUnder the bridge by Nullermanden
golden gate bridge by somebody3121Bridge by kristoaoBridge by ShinyWishBridge to eternity II by sxy447High Bridge by sdnalednas:bigthumb144548118:Provencher Bridge by rubberman542callaway fork bridge deck II by SMT-ImagesUnder the Bridge by DreaErvin

Inspirational Feature Vol. 4

Tue Jul 12, 2011, 11:22 AM by malaugusto:iconmalaugusto:

18 Creative Examples of Reflection Photography

bride of the water God by opriscothrough the misty air by arbebukreflection by The96thA Moment of Calm by Dee-TPrague by O-Renzoa flower .... by julie-rcForgotten Memories by oO-Rein-OoMorning at Situ Gunung II by juheOrdinary World.. by Khomenko
The rain in Spain stays.. by katiethegnomeChasing pavements by iNeedChemicalXMisty Lake by RobinHedberg:bigthumb67789947:Rain in Puddle by christafaithDay 27 by FramedByNatureMirror, Mirror by PorcelainPoetColliding With Myself by oO-Rein-Oomirrored umbrellas by herbstkind

Inspirational Feature Vol. 3

Mon Jul 11, 2011, 9:58 AM by malaugusto:iconmalaugusto:

22 Astonishing Photographs Playing With Legs

Inspirational Feature Vol. 2

Sun Jul 10, 2011, 9:06 AM by malaugusto:iconmalaugusto:

18 Stunning Examples of Panning Photography

Running Wild by notblandfast in the Rain by nesmanprobarrel racing by jtpixTruck's run by GraphylightAutomn Migrate by RoieGspeed in the city IV by PatrickWallyMagna Blur by leafinsectmanBike by raindrop88Speed Addict by Peterspics
:bigthumb169653881:Speed by DREAMCA7CHERcarrera GT - midnight race by dejz0rFull Speed by MirkoStoedterOn The Fly by giladPower and Speed by GTMQ8Warp Speed by konaxRoman speed by PatrickWallyNeed 4 Speed - Moto Version by Last-Savior